Easy-to-utilize-space iReen box.

As t can accommodate 340㎖ cans up to 16, 1.5L plastic bottles up to five, it is easy and convenient to use in picnic, camping, baseball and fishing areas.

Practical cup holder

As there are cup holders on both caps inside, it can be used for a temporary plate.

Easy-to-keep-and-carry iReen.

Compact and light-weight enough to carry in camping, picnic, baseball, and other areas; usable in substitution for mats.

Easy storage and multiple use.

Easy to store car items or miscellaneous appliances and use in a car trunk. Easy to keep things warm or cool.



  • Components: Body(1ea), side cap(2ea), silicon band (2ea)
  • Materials: EPP
  • Size: 345 x 230 x 196(mm)
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Weight: 700g
  • Uses: Multipurpose box for keeping warm or cool.
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